Some of the pieces on the website are available for sale:
- Sligo1 chair $2,500/€2,000
- Zaftig cabinet $4,300/€3,500
- Scraps cabinet $4,300/€3,500
- Wholeness II chair $9,000/€7,250

Commissioning a piece or pieces of furniture from a small workshop like ours is very different from purchasing a mass-produced item. You are participating in the process of the piece’s creation from the beginning, in fact you are the initiator of its creation. There are lots of choices and decisions to be made because this is a one-off piece made to your specifications.

The first stage in the process is for you to decide your requirements – these can be as specific or loose as you wish. Perhaps you want the piece to fit into a particular space of certain dimensions, or you have very exacting storage needs, or, on the other hand, perhaps you want a special piece but you’re not really sure what form it will take.

We will start to design the piece based on your brief, and send you sketches and drawings as the design proceeds. There is a lot of back and forth at this stage. Perhaps we have gone in a direction that doesn’t please you and need to take a step back. At the early stage it is hard to give an exact price for the piece as so many parameters are floating, but when we reach the final design – dimensions, materials, finish – we will be able to give you the final price for the piece. At this point you might decide you don’t wish to proceed – in that case we charge a design fee based on time. If you wish the piece to proceed to making, this design fee is absorbed into the overall price. We ask for a deposit of one third of the final price at the time of purchasing the materials.