First light #1 Oak, wool, and electrical fittings. January 2011.

This light came about for a number of reasons: we read a Donald Judd essay called It's Hard to Find a Good Lamp a few years ago and started to think about lights, did some sketching, and then forgot about it. Then in the Autumn semester 2010 at GMIT Letterfrack I taught a module in which the third year students had a brief to design and make a sustainable light - this got me thinking again. One version of the lamp has a steambent element (see below) - our first foray into steambending and very instructive (= lots of cracked pieces).
The shade is made by wrapping wool (leftovers from Foxford Woollen Mills in Co Mayo) around a wooden former with glue and leaving to dry overnight, a technique I first saw done by a second year student at GMIT last year.

#2 light

Three spoons Two cherry and one holly. December 2010.

Rebecca spent some of December making spoons. One reason is that she can stand by the stove in the workshop - it has been very cold over the past month.

Moon Spoon Holly. December 2010.

Made with freshly-cut holly from the valley, and worked while the wood is green (unseasoned).

Spoons Pear

Bench Oak with wenge wedges. 2006.

Blocks Elm box, beech blocks. 2005.